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Agenanova: The new top-tolerated carbohydrate source

General information about Agenanova

Agenanova is a free-flowing, slightly hygroscopic powder made from waxy corn that dissolves well in water. Hygroscopic are substances that actively attract and bind water.

It is a new complex and soluble carbohydrate derived from maltodextrin. Agenova provides a prolonged and stable energy supply with exceptionally low sugar content. It is also vegan.

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What makes Agenanova special

Agenanova has a low glycemic index (GI), dissolves completely in water and has a significantly reduced starchy taste. These properties make it the perfect ingredient for sports nutrition products. 

What the glycemic index is all about, you can learn HERE

Due to the high molecular mass and the low proportion of low molecular weight sugars, gastric emptying is much faster than with other carbohydrate drinks. This means that the drink reaches the digestive tract faster, where it is digested and absorbed. 

Due to the low osmolarity, less water is drawn into the intestine from the surrounding tissues. This provides a better sense of well-being and less flatulence. 

These advantages offers Agenanova

  • Fast acting energy source
  • Complex soluble carbohydrates – prolonged carbohydrate intake
  • Lower drop in sugar level (“crash”)
  • Enables high energy density in beverages and gels
  • Transparent products 
  • Blood glucose level rises slower

Agenanova in our products

For the reasons just mentioned, we also use this active ingredient in our GEL40. 

In addition to Agenanova, we also use maltodextrins of various chain lengths to ensure the greatest possible carbohydrate supply with optimum tolerability. In addition, this enables the fastest possible and gradual carbohydrate intake.

That’s why many top athletes from various endurance sports rely on our special GEL 40, which is available in different flavors and with caffeine . 

How important carbohydrates are for you as an athlete in general, we explain in detail in our KNOWLEDGE CENTER. Which types of carbohydrates there are, we tell you HERE. How many carbohydrates you should consume to optimally supply your training, you can find out HERE.

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