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Apricot: The perfect snack for warm days and hard workouts

General about the apricot

Already in ancient times, apricots are said to have existed in Armenia, northern China and India. However, since the stone fruit appears in historical sources in all three regions, scientists do not agree on the exact origin.

Supposedly, Alexander the Great brought the apricot to the Mediterranean in the 4th century BC. The Romans spread them throughout northern Europe. Then, in the 18th century, the Spanish made the apricots known in America.

Today, the apricot grows almost everywhere – if there is plenty of sun. The apricots we buy mostly come from Italy, France, Greece, Spain or Turkey.

The fruit not only tastes good, but also has mystical significance: in Europe it used to be considered an aphrodisiac, in China it symbolizes a young girl or the desire to have children.

The superpowers of the apricot

  • Improves digestion – this is due to the fiber they contain
  • Are very rich in potassium
  • Are well digestible due to the small amount of fruit acid
  • Offer a lot of vitamin A – so apricots are the perfect support for good eyesight
  • Apricots help the immune system – responsible for this are the contained vitamins and minerals
  • High antioxidant power – it protects your cells from harmful substances.

Vitamins and minerals of apricot

Minerals (mg)

Sodium (Na)


Potassium (K)


Calcium (Ca)


Magnesium (Mg)


Phosphate (P)


Iron (Fe)


Zinc (Zn)



Beta-carotene (µg)


Vitamin E (mg)


Vitamin B1 (mg)


Vitamin B2 (mg)


Vitamin B6 (mg)


Folic acid (µg)


Vitamin C (mg)


Apricots as a snack for athletes

As you probably noticed in the table, apricots are particularly rich in potassium. This makes the fruit very interesting, especially for athletes. Potassium is in fact one of the main minerals lost in sweat. Since it is very important to replenish the lost minerals after training, apricot is a good choice here.

More about the topic of minerals in sports you can find HERE.

The apricot can also be used well when dried. For example, it can be used as a snack during long cycling workouts or while hiking on hot days. They provide you with some carbohydrates (about 10g) and important minerals – so the perfect snack for your athletic adventures.

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