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Cross-country skiing: More performance through the right nutrition

So important is the right nutrition in cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is the supreme discipline of endurance sports, almost every muscle of the body is needed for efficient movement on two skis. This results in high energy consumption and very high oxygen uptake. Thus, cross-country skiing is also an interesting training stimulus for cyclists, triathletes or runners. 

In general, I recommend cross-country skiers eat a high-energy, nutrient-dense, carbohydrate-rich diet. Combined with a high quality protein supply to meet the specific needs of this fascinating sport.

How important a high-energy diet is for athletes*, we explain to you in THIS article. Tips on how you can eat energy-rich in everyday life, you will learn on the other hand HERE.

The special challenges

However, the catering in the competition is not so easy to arrange. Why – that is obvious. For the shorter distances, this means that no additional food is provided during the race. 

However, for the classic longer distances such as 30 or 50 kilometers, it is essential to supply nutrients during exercise. This also applies to amateur athletes, especially at marathon distances and in training.

Another special challenge is the cold, which increases energy consumption yet again. Thus, proper nutrition and food in cross-country skiing is extremely significant for performance. 

The right carbohydrate supply for cross-country skiing

Optimal nutrition during training or competition is an important factor because the pre-filled glycogen stores are simply not sufficient for the heavy muscular and energetic demands of cross-country skiing. Whether during training sessions or competitions, you should plan your energy intake in advance to achieve optimal training or competition results.

How this works exactly

For this, of course, you need someone to feed you along the route – or you solve this via appropriately positioned water bottles. Depending on the running distance, two or three refreshment points provide 200, 300 or 400 calories each to replenish energy stores. All this, of course, in order to ultimately reach the finish line at the highest possible speed.

When it comes to food, a high-calorie carbohydrate mix is recommended – a 20 percent or even 25 percent carbohydrate solution should be included. For example, the optimal supply succeeds via our POWER CARB. The special mixture of different carbohydrate sources and Pineapple fruit powder enables an intake of up to 76 g of carbohydrates (with an intake of 80 g of powder) per hour – with excellent tolerability, as numerous top athletes confirm.

In addition, the real pineapple fruit powder provides abundant antioxidants. These are natural protective substances that help your body better cope with the stress caused by physical exertion.

The special importance of proteins in cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is a classic strength-endurance sport – where the strength component is particularly high compared to other sports. Athletes are therefore often more muscular than triathletes or long-distance runners, for example. Thus, the energy requirement is greater – and also the protein requirement is higher, since this also depends on body weight.

It is well known that proteins play a crucial role in regeneration, which should be the focus after any exercise. Only in this way is the body able to be perfectly prepared for the next upcoming load. Specifically, it involves the growth, development and health maintenance of muscle cells.

We will go into more detail on the subject of proteins in the THIS article. Whether it is better to supply proteins before – or after training, we discuss HERE .

Immediately after the load, I recommend our  RECOVERY SHAKE  and for particularly high loads our RECOVERY8. The new R8 combines the power of mango as a regeneration turbo with the special effect of all eight essential amino acids from fermented vegetables.

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