Discover Laura's fuel from Ironman Hawaii

Laura Philipp

"SLOW CARB & POWER CARB are real game-changers for a more effective training. And RACE CARB X? The rocket fuel for my competitions!"

What Laura's competition nutrition looks like

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Her last meal before the start

Before heading to the starting line, Laura Philipp eats her porridge in the morning – without fruits and berries, because they contain fiber that is too difficult to digest.

In addition, Laura takes 60 g of carbohydrates one hour before the start. To do this, she uses our specially developed SLOW CARB. Because the carbohydrates are slowly absorbed into the blood, she receives long-lasting energy without blood sugar spikes until the start.

This is how Laura fuels herself during the race

Laura swears by our RACE CARB X, which she helped to develop by herself. The special mix of different carbohydrate sources allows her to easily absorb 90g of carbohydrates per hour – with only 90ml of the concentrate.

During competitions, Laura takes a sip of RACE CARB X every 20 minutes while running and cycling. Then a sip of water.

Laura Philipp

This is why Laura swears by MoN Sports

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