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Faster regeneration in sports - this is how it works! (free practice guide)

Optimal regeneration

Regenerate faster after sports

Regeneration als Teil des Sportleralltags

Die Regeneration ist im Sport ein nicht wegzudenkender Faktor. Sie ist ein bedeutender Teil des Sportleralltags und stellt innerhalb dessen eine von drei wichtigen Komponenten dar.

Optimale Regeneration

Diese drei Punkte sind unweigerlich miteinander verknüpft. Wird einem dieser drei Punkte zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt, beeinflusst das früher oder später auch die anderen beiden.

Meistens ist es so, dass hinsichtlich der Leistungssteigerung dem Training die volle Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt wird. Die Regeneration wird hingegen oft vernachlässigt. So wird allerdings ein leistungssteigernder Faktor schlichtweg nicht (ausreichend) genutzt.

In unserem Praxis-Guide soll deshalb der Regeneration besondere Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt werden. Wir zeigen Dir mit konkreten Tipps und Tricks, wie sich eine bessere Regeneration als Game Changer für mehr Leistung entpuppen kann.

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4 reasons why regeneration is so important for athletes

Proper regeneration brings many benefits. Optimizing regeneration can not only improve performance – it also prevents overuse, which, among other things, reduces the risk of injury.

The following 4 major goals of regeneration has Dipl. Sports scientist Martin Brenner identified:

  • Easier adaptation to training load
  • Reduced risk of overload
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved repeatability of services

We see: Our body is capable of initiating important processes for us. But what happens in our body during the regeneration process?

At the 37th German Congress for Sports Medicine and Prevention in 2001, the term regeneration was defined as follows:

“Regeneration is the sum of all measures that bring about the state of recovery after a disturbance in performance due to physical or mental stress. The current functional state of an organism is conditioned by the sum of all stresses and under regeneration measures.”

In simple terms, regeneration is the restoration of physical and mental resilience after states of fatigue and exhaustion.

Various processes take place in the process. We can divide these into short-term, medium-term and long-term processes.

Short-term processes

  • Neutralization of the pH value
  • Degradation, conversion and excretion of metabolic products
  • Blood sugar stabilization
  • Compensation of fluid and micronutrient losses

These processes occur within minutes to hours after stress. Medium-term processes, on the other hand, take hours to days.

Medium term processes

  • Repair of muscle damage
  • Replenishment of glycogen stores in the liver
  • Replenishing the fatty acid depots
  • Further balancing of the micronutrient deficit

For the long-term processes, the body needs a little longer time. They take place in the period of days to weeks.

Long-term processes

  • Supercompensation, characterized by more resilient structures and better functionality
  • Profit of all sport-specific involved organs and organ structures (joint cartilage, bones, immune system, cardiovascular system, psyche)
  • Increased glycogen depots, increased intramuscular glutamine content.

All these processes are very important for performance improvement. For this reason, it is important to reiterate that regeneration is essential for performance improvement.

Various regeneration measures

Therefore, it also makes sense to think more about an optimal regeneration. 

There are many ways to support regeneration. Especially as an athlete, it is beneficial for you to know various tips & tricks to advance your regeneration.

For this there are simple tricks such as an ice bath in the bathtub, but also somewhat more elaborate methods such as sleep sensors or recovery clothes.

In our recovery guide we give you many simple and professional tips on numerous recovery methods.

Among other things, we are embracing current trends such as mechanical neurostimulation through the Neuro-Bord and the popular Recovery boots under the microscope. The mechanism of action is described in detail and it is also explained in which situations certain regeneration tools can be used well – and when it is better not to use them.

But not only tips for various devices can be found in our guide. Also advice on the Improving sleep quality and suggestions for falling asleep quickly can be found in the Recovery Guide.

Furthermore, nutrition expert Robert Gorgos reveals many helpful tips on how to Nutritioncan be usedas a regeneration turbo . Among other things, it explains how to avoid overtraining through proper energy intake and how you can get the most out of your rest day.

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Robert Gorgos

Robert Gorgos

Robert is a authority when it comes to sports nutrition science. As a nutritionist, he coaches many well-known top athletes, including the professional cyclists from BORA – hansgrohe. At the same time, he is a competitive athlete himself. And: Robert has developed the sports nutrition of MoN Sports.

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