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INTENSITY BAR: The revolutionary bar for races & intense sessions.

Perfectly prepared for the intensive training phase

The idea behind the INTENSITY BAR

Our MoN sports nutrition specialist Robert Gorgos has developed the INTENSITY BAR upon request of the professionals from BORA – hansgrohe. 

The goal was to create a bar that provides a lot of energy whilst being extremely well tolerated – which is essential, especially for races and intensive training sessions.

What makes this little powerhouse special? In this blog we introduce the INTENSITY BAR in more detail!

What makes the INTENSITY BAR so special

A special feature is the cluster dextrin used, which has earned the reputation as the as the “new superstar among carbohydrates”.

Due to the different carbohydrate sources – in addition to cluster dextrin, glucose-fructose has been added in an optimal 2:1 ratio – energy can be provided quickly, but just as continuously. So the little bar is not only effective immediately, but also in the longer term!

This makes the INTENSITY BAR the perfect component of high-energy competition fueling. In addition, the exceptionally well-tolerated energy bar is suitable for intensive training sessions as an alternative solid food.

Moreover, the bar is almost fat-free. It contains no gluten, lactose or other food allergens.

The latest MoN product is, of course, free of artificial additives and preservatives. Instead, it provides many valuable vitamins, antioxidants and minerals thanks to the real apricot ingredient, which also gives the bar a natural fruity taste.

INTENSITY BAR at a glance: What’s inside

  • Cyclic dextrin for the highest possible carbohydrate intake and of course an optimal glucose to fructose ratio of 2:1
  • Real apricot provides you with valuable vitamins, antioxidants & minerals
  • Natural fruity taste
  • Particularly easy to digest and also ideally suited for athletes with celiac disease
  • 1 bar (52g) gives you 40g of carbohydrates
  • Added salt/sodium for optimal mineral supply
  • Each batch tested for doping substances (Informed Sport) – also used by many top athletes and teams from various sports

Application example

The INTENSITY BAR can be used as an alternative, solid source of energy during intense training or competition. The professionals from BORA – hansgrohe use the bar, among other things, as part of their nutrition strategy during the Tour de France.

Below is an example of how the energy bar can be used during a race. Here we are talking about an “easy stage” during the tour:

1st hour
SLOW CARB (40g) + 1x PORRIDGE BAR + water

2nd hour
FAST CARB (40g) + GEL 40 + INTENSITY BAR + water 

3rd hour
FAST CARB (40g) + 2x GEL 40 + water 

4th hour

You can find more information on the correct dosage under products in our store and in the fuel calculator.

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