Isomaltulose/Palatinose™: The secret weapon for endurance athletes


General information on isomaltulose/Palatinose™.

Isomaltulose (brand name: Palatinose™) belongs to the carbohydrates and is a disaccharide (= twofold sugar). The natural substance is obtained enzymatically from sucrose (beet sugar) by bacterial fermentation. It is 100% vegan, kosher, halal and non-GMO.

Isomaltulose is fine-grained, water-soluble and has about half the sweetening power of household sugar. It has a mild, natural sweetness, with no aftertaste – and it’s gentle on teeth compared to other sugars .

Isomaltulose is fully metabolized and has the same physiological calorific value as table sugar: 4 kcal/g (16.7 kJ/g).

Isomaltulose also consists of the building blocks glucose (grape sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar). The difference is a more stable bond between the two simple sugars. This makes it more difficult to break down in the digestive tract.

Isomaltulose vs. household sugar – different blood sugar increase

Household sugar and isomaltulose are made up of the same two simple sugars and are completely absorbed and digested in the small intestine. Nevertheless, they do not trigger the same response to blood glucose levels.

Following the intake of isomaltulose/Palatinose™, blood sugar levels rise less than when household sugar is consumed.

A study by the German Institute of Human Nutrition found that isomaltulose caused blood glucose levels in subjects to rise an average of 20% less than household sugar. Even more surprising were the observations regarding insulin release. The amount of insulin released decreased by 55%!

Isomaltulose is therefore more suitable than common household sugar for the regulation of sugar metabolism. However, it is important to know that isomaltulose tastes less sweet than table sugar. Therefore, you may be tempted to eat more of it.

However, it contains just as many calories as other types of sugar – for this reason, the gentler insulin response cannot be taken as a jocker to snack on the sugar without limits.

Positive effect for athletes of isomaltulose/Palatinose™.

Metabolic conversion (breakdown) takes place with isomaltulose/Palatinose™. takes place much more slowly than with sugar. To process isomaltulose, the digestive enzymes in the human body’s small intestine take longer. This is why the glycemic index of isomaltulose is correspondingly low, with a value of 32: the glucose passes into the blood only slowly.

Long lasting energy supply

The energy of the carbohydrate is thus available to the body for a long time and constantly over a longer period. And blood glucose levels remain more stable, blood glucose spikes can be avoided (1).

This can be an advantage during prolonged physical exertion, as the brain and muscles are supplied with energy in the form of glucose for longer and more constantly.

Improvement of the fat metabolism

When eating fast-available carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, a lot of insulin is released. The high insulin secretion subsequently lowers the fat burning rate.

Isomaltulose/Palatinose™ on the other hand, leads to a lower blood glucose concentration, and insulin secretion is reduced. Thus, fat oxidation is comparatively less affected after consumption and remains higher compared to higher glycemic carbohydrates.

Our carbohydrate drink with isomaltulose/Palatinose™.

SLOW CARB is a special carbohydrate drink for low-intensity training sessions, for example for training basic endurance. The base of isomaltulose/Palatinose™ and real fruit powder has a metabolism-stimulating effect.

Initially, SLOW CARB may not feel like a usual carbohydrate drink in the organism, because it just does not provide energy immediately.

However, taken correctly in the long term, it can be the secret recipe for optimizing fat metabolism and improving efficiency – e.g. via a reduction in the maximum lactate formation rate (Vlamax).

This is confirmed again and again by top athletes who rely on SLOW CARB.



Our sports nutrition products with isomaltulose/Palatinose™.

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