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Mango: Particularly nutrient-rich and regenerative


Mango general

Juicy flesh, deliciously sweet taste: the mango grows in the tropics and subtropics and is considered the “queen of fruits” in its countries of origin.

However, the exotic stone fruit scores not only with the taste, but provides valuable nutrients and high health value. A true superfruit! The low acid content also makes the mango easy to digest.

Nutrients and effect for athletes

Despite their high sugar content, mangoes are very healthy.

The valuable ingredients include especially vitamins C, E and B, including vitamin B1, and folic acid. These provide a stabilizing and protective effect for the immune system.

Furthermore, they help protect cells from the negative effects of stress. In addition, mangoes contain a lot of beta-carotene. This supports cell renewal, stabilizes the immune system and strengthens vision.

Vitamins Vitamins per 100 g
Vitamin C – ascorbic acid37 mg
Vitamin A – beta-carotene1163 μg
Vitamin E – alpha-tocopherol equivalent1000 μg
Vitamin E – alpha-tocopherol1000 μg
Vitamin B3 – niacin equivalent900 μg
Vitamin B3 – niacin, nicotinic acid700 μg
Vitamin A – retinol equivalent194 μg
Vitamin B5 – pantothenic acid160 μg
Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine130 μg
Vitamin B2 – riboflavin50 μg
Vitamin B1 – thiamine45 μg
Vitamin B9 – total folic acid36 μg
Vitamin B7 – biotin (vitamin H)2,1 μg

Antioxidant power – protection against cell damage

The proportion of secondary plant substances is also very high in mango, especially substances from the group of polyphenols.

Polyphenols have an antioxidant effect and accordingly protect the body from oxidative stress, DNA damage and degenerative processes.

Rich in essential minerals

Many fruits are rather low in minerals – but mango contains important minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. Consumption can thus contribute to the coverage of the daily mineral requirement (RDA), which is naturally increased in athletes.

Mineral Minerals per 100 g mango
Potassium170 mg
Magnesium18 mg
Phosphorus13 mg
Sulfur13 mg
Calcium12 mg
Sodium5 mg
Chloride5 mg

Antioxidant and regenerative effect

In addition to the extremely high mineral content, promising studies have also demonstrated an anti-inflammatory effect and a positive effect on the formation of new mitochondria.¹

In combination with the valuable amino acids, the result is a true regeneration turbo. Our RECOVERY 8 contains all 8 essential amino acids, lots of real mango powder and other active ingredients that promote regeneration.

Top athletes appreciate the regenerative effect of the R8 especially after enormously high stress!

Mango in our GEL 40

In addition, we use mango in our GEL 40 , the compact energy source for intense sessions and competitions .

Different carbohydrate sources ensure the best possible absorption of the 40g of carbohydrates. And mango strengthens your immune system at the same time, which is equally elementary for you as an athlete.



Our sports nutrition product with real mango

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