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More energy in the pain cave: the optimal fueling strategy for Zwift races

In this article, you will find out why the right fuel is the decisive factor for your success in your Zwift race.

Fueling on the Smarttrainer is often underestimated: tips and tricks to make your Zwift race a success.

Be prepared: The right preparation as key for Zwift races

Online races/twift races have gained in popularity, especially after the pandemic-related event cancellations.

But even now, in the cold and uncomfortable season, races through Watopia and the like offer you a welcome change and an extra kick of motivation. After all, it’s easier and better to train with a goal!

And indoors and outdoors – a good nutrition strategy is crucial if you want to perform at your best in the Zwift race. But beware: the conditions are very different for competitions at home.

Apart from the fact that the need for energy and fluids is higher for an hour and a half or more in the Pain Cave, the catering options are also different.

There are advantages and disadvantages and definitely a few points that you should consider in advance.

The good thing about competitions in virtual worlds: You don’t have to carry your supplies with you. The less good thing is that no one will stand next to you for two hours to hand you your bottles 😉

So better prepare a generous set-up with everything (and a bit more) you’ll need so that your group doesn’t drive away while you’re rushing to the kitchen to refill the bottle or grab a gel.

However, preparation also includes an adequate supply of carbohydrates, which is often forgotten in stressful everyday life. It’s been a while since your last meal and your carbohydrate stores are depleted. These are obviously not good conditions for starting a race – even if it’s in your living room!

When preparing for a virtual competition, we therefore recommend a well-tolerated bar that provides you with quick energy and is easy to digest. Suitable for this purpose is our INTENSITY BAR.

Ideally, however, you should start (at the latest) the day before the race to make your diet race-specific. If the Zwift race takes place on Saturday morning, for example, you should make sure you eat a carbohydrate-rich and easily digestible dinner the evening before. This is what it could look like in practice:

Dinner (Friday)
Simple pasta with tomato sauce, a little Parmesan cheese or
Curry with rice and sweet potatoes

Breakfast (Saturday morning)
Rolls/bread/toast with jam or
Porridge prepared with water and plant milk

Snack shortly before the race

Basically, the closer to the session/race, the more readily available and easily digestible the carbohydrates should be. Banana, white bread and pretzel are ideal for breakfast.

If the time span is a little longer and you have tested it beforehand, long available carbohydrates in the form of porridge, for example, are recommended.

Why 80 g of carbohydrates can make THE difference in the Zwift race

As already described in the section on preparation, the first step is to replenish your carbohydrate stores well before a race.

In the meantime, it is important to start the catering early and maintain it continuously. After all, an indoor race like this involves a very high carbohydrate consumption.

You should choose carbohydrates that are quickly available to you.

For Zwift races we therefore recommend POWER CARB HEAT. The special mixture of different carbohydrate sources enters the bloodstream as quickly as possible and is immediately available to your body.

Due to its excellent tolerability, POWER CARB HEAT can also be consumed in high doses: 60 – 80 g of carbohydrates per hour are no problem here – and are also highly recommended so as not to break down at the end. The high proportion of minerals also ensures that your increased fluid and electrolyte loss balance out.

In addition to carbohydrate drinks, our GEL 40 is also ideal for quickly absorbing a large amount of well-tolerated carbohydrates.

For example, our caffeine gels give you that extra kick in the crucial meters of the Zwift race. In addition to 40 g of carbohydrates, GEL 40 with caffeine also contains 100 mg (Matcha) or 75 mg (Caffeine/Cherry).

A tip that works both in summer and during sweaty indoor training: Put your Gel 40 in the freezer for a few hours for extra refreshment.

Not yet familiar with MoN sports nutrition? Then it’s time 😉 The top riders from BORA – hansgrohe and many other top athletes already rely on our natural performance products.

Faster regeneration with all 8 essential amino acids

While an hour out on the bike goes by super fast, ten minutes on the roller can feel like an eternity.

However, pedaling on Zwift and the like is actually more strenuous than outside in the fresh air with more variety around it. So it’s not unusual if you feel significantly more exhausted after an indoor race than after an outdoor competition.

It is crucial to replenish supplies quickly and correctly in order to give the body and especially the muscles the opportunity to regenerate optimally. Apart from that, you reduce your risk of illness with a good after-meal meal!

So use the well-known “Open Window” in the first 30 minutes after the competition. This is when your body’s absorption capacity is particularly high. In order to support the body’s recovery and adaptation as quickly as possible, we strongly recommend consuming carbohydrates AND proteins.

After a Zwift race on the roller, we recommend our RECOVERY 8. The regeneration shake contains all eight essential amino acids that are necessary for the growth, development and maintenance of healthy muscle cells.

Combined with the natural regeneration accelerator mango, RECOVERY 8 provides you with optimum support after tough competitions and at the same time helps with the treatment of muscle injuries.

By the way: The best way to fuel your training on the roller? SLOW CARB HEAT – klick HERE to read more.

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Robert Gorgos

Robert Gorgos

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