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Pineapple: Important nutrients & particularly digestive


Pineapple general

Pineapple thrives in tropical regions. The tropical fruit originates from South America and was only brought to Europe in the 15th century.

The aromatic fruit has a very low fat content (0.1 gram/100 grams of pineapple), but the carbohydrate content is high: 13 grams/100 grams of pineapple – of which 10 grams are sugar. The high content of fructose quickly enters the bloodstream.

Nutrient-rich with high content of manganese and potassium

Pineapple is one of the most nutritious fruits and also provides the body with numerous important minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, (natural) iodine and zinc.

Pineapple also contains comparatively high levels of potassium (0.11 grams/100 grams), which plays an important role in heart and muscle function and nerve conduction.

It further contains, somewhat unusually for fruit, high levels of manganese, a trace element believed to contribute to efficient cell metabolism.

Pineapple supports the immune system and stimulates the metabolism.

Mineral content per 100 grams of pineapple

MineralContent per 100 gr.
Potassium180 mg
Chloride39 mg
Magnesium17 mg
Calcium16 mg
Phosphorus9 mg
Sulfur3 mg
Iron0,4 mg
Manganese0,3 mg
Zinc0,1 mg
Copper0,1 mg
Fluoride0,01 mg

Efficient protein processing through bromelain

In addition, the content of bromelain is particularly noteworthy. Bromelain is an enzyme, or more precisely a mixture of enzymes. Enzymes are essential for many important processes in the body, such as digestion.

Bromelain plays a significant role in protein digestion. By processing protein as efficiently as possible, bromelain can help the body build muscle – it breaks down protein molecules, making them easier to digest.

Bromelain is also used in the treatment of swelling after operations or injuries – especially also in sports injuries such as strains, sprains or bruises.

Energy and nutrient-rich, easily digestible & delicious: POWER CARB

Our POWER CARB contains real pineapple powder and combines all the benefits of the fruit with an optimal combination with other active ingredients: During intense athletic strain, 80g of carbohydrates per hour can be easily absorbed with our professional sports food – and that over several hours, for example during cycling or running marathons.

Also, many top athletes we work with confirm that pineapple actually calms the digestive system. This is ideal for high carbohydrate intake during a competition or very long or intense sessions.

The special mineral combination of the POWER CARB can favorably influence rehydration, for example, at high outdoor temperatures or heavy sweating.

The taste of pineapple is very pleasant, refreshing and aromatic. Especially in high-intensity stress situations, the taste of pineapple can be less intrusive than, for example. Lemon or orange flavor. Try it yourself 😉

Our sports nutrition product with real pineapple fruit powder

Other interesting active ingredients

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