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RACE CARB X: Nutrition in long-term competition made easy

Our premium carbohydrate drink at a glance


Developed in collaboration with European triathlon champion Laura Philipp as THE energy source for long-term endurance competitions: The RACE CARB X by MoN Sports.

In this blog article, we would like to introduce you to the special carbohydrate drink, which can be used quite universally.

The idea behind RACE CARB X

RACE CARB X is a compact source of energy, especially for long-term endurance competitions when outside catering is difficult/impossible: top athlete Laura Philipp was looking for a carbohydrate drink that she could easily carry with her and that would provide her with lots and lots of energy.

After a long development and testing phase, MoN product developer Robert Gorgos had then created the solution. And this is not only suitable for triathlons, but also for all (long-duration) training or competitions – with the bike on the road or gravel races, (ultra) marathons etc.

RACE CARB X is therefore the most compact way to consume high amounts of carbohydrates when carry-on options are limited or when you want to pack all the energy you need into one bottle.

Alternatives to reach high amounts of carbohydrates are FAST and POWER CARB and our GEL 40.

RACE CARB X – What’s inside

  • A mixture of carbohydrates from different sources – rice syrup, fructose and starch (glucose:fructose ratio = 2:1).
  • Added rock salt for optimal mineral supply
  • No preservatives, flavorings or sweeteners used
  • Mild, sweet taste (mixing with water is important)
  • The special carbohydrate mixture allows a carbohydrate intake of up to 120g KH per hour thanks to the exceptionally good tolerability
  • Every batch tested for doping substances (Informed Sport) – also used by many top athletes from various sports for this reason

The correct dosage of RACE CARB X

RACE CARB X should always be diluted and taken with water, otherwise it is too concentrated. To do this: open the RACE CARB X bottle and fill with 50-100 ml of water and shake well so that the product does not settle at the bottom of the bottle.

Depending on the load intensity and tolerance you can add 100 – 150g (75 – 115 ml) RACE CARB X per hour. You should additionally rinse with water if necessary. 1ml RACE CARB X is equivalent to about 1g of carbohydrates each.

Depending on tolerance and previous “training” (“train the gut”), up to 6 doses per load unit/competition are possible. We strongly recommend that you test the RACE CARB X in training before using it in competition.

In these “train the gut” sessions you can also gradually increase your carbohydrate intake capacity – which is elementary to be able to supply energy until the end so you don’t collapse.

Durability tips: RACE CARB X can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 14 days when opened. It is important that you do not reach into the bottle with a spoon or similar, keep it closed and cool.

Concrete use cases for RACE CARB X

Planned race time on the bike: 3 hours
Target: 100 – 120g carbohydrates per hour
= add 400g of RACE CARB X to the wheel bottle, mix with 100ml of water and shake well = 320g of KH

Planned race time for the run: 1.45 hours
Target: 60 – 80g carbohydrates per hour
= 180g RACE CARB X divide into 2 to 3 flasks, mix each with 50ml water and shake well = 140g KH

To do this, take water from the aid stations and/or supplement a second bottle with a “skinny” carbohydrate drink like SLOW CARB or just water. Combinations with PORRIDGE BAR, GEL 40 and other carbohydrate drinks are also possible.

If the salt loss should be very high, RACE CARB X can also be enriched with a little salt (e.g. 1 tsp.).

Further information on the correct dosage can also be found in the products in our store and in the fuel calculator.

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