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Raspberries: Delicious fruit with lots of vitamins & antioxidants


Raspberries general

Raspberries, like blackberries, belong to the rose family and, strictly speaking, are not berries but so-called aggregate fruits.

The aromatic fruits are very low in calories (34 kcal/100g) and they have a considerable amount of important nutrients. Raspberries are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in Germany.

Nutrients and beneficial effects of raspberries for athletes

Many vitamins and minerals

The fruits support the immune system, stimulate metabolism and defense mechanisms. Raspberries also have diuretic, laxative, appetite stimulant and antibiotic properties.

Raspberries are particularly rich in provitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. The content of iron in raspberries is also very high (0.69mg), the utilization of iron together with vitamin C is particularly well implemented for the human body. Due to the high iron content, raspberries are said to have blood-cleansing and blood-forming functions.

Raspberries also contain a comparatively high amount of calcium (40 mg per 100 g / among other things important for healthy bones and teeth, regulation nerve signal transmission and energy metabolism) .

Other valuable ingredients are Potassium (170 mg / important for heart and muscle function, nerve conduction) and magnesium (30 mg / important for muscle function, relaxation and stimulus transmission).

Secondary plant compounds as natural cell protection

During high physical stress such as intensive training sessions, more free radicals are formed in the body, which cause so-called oxidative stress reactions. These can affect and damage the tissues/muscles and lead to inflammation, muscle damage and soreness, among other things.

This process can be mitigated by means of antioxidants. Good regulation of the oxidative stress response can support tissue repair. This can reduce exercise-induced muscle damage such as strength loss and muscle soreness.

Secondary plant compounds act as powerful antioxidants. Particularly noteworthy in the raspberry is the high content of flavonoids. They exhibit vasoprotective and edema-protective effects and activate various cell types in the human immune system. In this way, inflammatory reactions can be inhibited.

Raspberries are also high in resveratrol, a phytochemical that may have analgesic, antioxidant and possibly beneficial effects on mitochondrial formation. In addition, resveratrol is said to have a neuroprotective effect.

Pleasant taste, steady blood sugar rise

The mild taste of raspberries is very pleasant at high load and can be less intrusive than, for example. Lemon or orange flavor.

Even when consumed in larger quantities, the mild raspberry flavor is not too sweet or sour. This is confirmed by our top athletes, who consume particularly high amounts of FAST CARB ingest

Due to the tannins contained, blood sugar rises evenly and does not shoot up immediately. Perfect for a consistently high energy supply!

Our sports nutrition product with real raspberry fruit powder

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