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RECOVERY SHAKE: The product for your regeneration

RECOVERY SHAKE: Schnelle und leckere Regeneration

In this blog post we present to you our protein drink for better recovery after training sessions and competitions.

Perfectly prepared for the intensive training phase

General information and the idea behind the RECOVERY SHAKE

“Regeneration already starts during training by making the right decision” – from his years of work with top athletes, nutritionist & MoN product developer Robert Gorgos knows how important the regeneration factor is.

Nutrition plays an all-important role in this. This applies to nutrition before and during training as well as post-training aftercare of course.

As we all know by now: In order to regenerate optimally after training, it is important to use the so-called “open window”.

This means that within one hour after the workout certain nutrients should be supplied, which the body needs for optimal regeneration.

It is important to combine carbohydrates with proteins. This is because the insulin release from the carbohydrates opens the cells to the protein supplied.

A guideline for nutrient intake after training is: 1g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight, combined with 0.2g of protein per kg of body weight.

Suitable for this purpose is for example our RECOVERY SHAKE. It contains proteins and carbohydrates in an optimal ratio and also other recovery-promoting nutrients such as glutamine and leucine. The shake also has a delicious chocolate taste, which is why it is so popular with our top athletes, including Hendrik Pfeiffer:

“I’ve noticed that I manage to do more kilometers during the week and regenerate much better. In addition, the chocolate flavor is very pleasant. I usually use the shake once or twice a day – depending on how intense my training was.”

RECOVERY SHAKE – What’s inside

  • Vegan protein blend of rice and pea protein
  • Organic cocoa: not only tastes good, but also provides you with valuable trace elements & antioxidants
  • minerals (rock salt, calcium citrate, potassium citrate) to replenish your depot after sweat loss
  • Important amino acis including leucine and glutamine
  • Extremely good gastric tolerance (e.g. due to hypoallergenic protein sources)
  • Every batch tested for doping substances (Informed Sport) – also used by many top athletes from various sports for this reason

LEUCIN belongs to the essential amino acids. This means that the body is not able to produce leucine itself. In addition, leucine is one of the BCAAs, i.e. branched-chain amino acids. This means that the metabolism of leucine occurs inside the muscles. The breakdown of muscle tissue can be inhibited by leucine, thus promoting the preservation of muscle mass.

GLUTAMINE belongs to the proteinogenic amino acids, i.e. it serves to build up protein. Glutamine also helps support the immune system. Since athletes are temporarily “weakened” by strong physical stress, it makes sense to resort to products with added glutamine. This can support regeneration and help the immune system.

PEA PROTEIN is rich in BCAAs (= branched chain amino acids such as valine, leucine and isoleucine), which are crucially involved in muscle protein synthesis, and can thus absolutely be used as an alternative to Whey protein. Pea protein is vegan and gluten-free, which plays an important role for many athletes.

RICE PROTEIN is also considered a very good, mostly better tolerated and vegan protein alternative. It has a high content of amino acids and holds further bonus points due to a high vitamin E content.

COCOA has many important properties for endurance sports. The contained flavonoids (secondary plant substances) increase the blood circulation and bring the nutrients from the RECOVERY SHAKE quickly to the muscle cells. In doing so, they protect against free radicals as antioxidants. Cocoa is also rich in vitamin E, zinc and iron: Vitamin E also serves as an effective antioxidant, while zinc and iron support a healthy immune system, among other things.

The correct dosage

The RECOVERY SHAKE is best taken within an hour after the workout. To do this, mix 30 – 40 g (approx. 50 – 75 ml) of RECOVERY SHAKE with 300 ml of rice, oat or almond milk. You can also use “normal” milk or water.

Small tip: Mix a portion of the shake into your morning porridge. This way you will start your day really well supplied!

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