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SLOW CARB: THE carbohydrate drink for your basic endurance

Optimale Ernährung während Grundlagenausdauertraining

In this blog we introduce you to our carbohydrate drink for long-lasting, easy sessions: SLOW CARB.

Perfectly prepared for the intensive training phase

The idea behind SLOW CARB

SLOW CARB is one of the first products developed by nutrition expert Robert Gorgos for MoN Sports. 

This makes sense: After all, SLOW CARB is our carbohydrate drink for basic endurance training – so this is where the foundation is laid.

Robert wanted to create a product that made sense specifically for longer, low-intensity sessions – a carbohydrate drink that makes endurance training more effective

What is special about SLOW CARB

SLOW CARB contains the special carbohydrate source isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM), which passes slowly into the blood. 

This provides you with a steady supply of long-lasting energy and helps your body conserve muscle glycogen. In short, you won’t get tired as quickly, you’ll be able to maintain your performance consistently, and you’ll benefit from improved recovery.

In addition, SLOW CARB favors fat metabolism training – the training focus in low-intensity endurance training.

Short digression: The energy supply during exercise from fats and carbohydrates depends on the intensity of the activity. The higher the intensity, the less energy is provided from fats and the more from carbohydrates. 

Since the carbohydrates stored in the body eventually run out, they should be saved for later use and as much energy as possible should be obtained from fats instead. 

If you train your fat metabolism during longer and lighter training units (also GA1 and GA2), you train the energy supply via fats and can therefore – simply put – last longer. This is because your body uses the carbohydrates later and thus has energy for longer.

Of course, this helps, among other things, not to collapse in competitions when it counts. This is why fat metabolism training is so important.

SLOW CARB: What’s in it

  • 88.4% isomaltulose (Palatinose™) = slowly available carbohydrates 
  • Real Sour Cherry Powder provides you with natural antioxidants & vitamins
  • Optimal mineral supply
  • Particularly well tolerated, even over long distances
  • Each batch tested for doping substances (Informed Sport) – also used by many top athletes and teams from various sports

Correct dosage & application example

Per training hour, we recommend about 30-35g (35-40ml) of SLOW CARB mixed with 500ml of water. 

Important: Do not exceed the total amount of 90g SLOW CARB per workout. 

If the session lasts longer than 3 hours, then increase your energy intake in the 2nd half of the training with quickly available carbohydrates. These are provided for example in MoN’s FAST CARB or POWER CARB, in the GEL 40 and also in solid form in the PORRIDGE BAR

60-80g of carbohydrates per training hour should then be consumed. You must know that during long sessions, carbohydrate consumption increases exponentially. Otherwise you won’t be able to do your training properly. And if you are completely “empty”, it delays the regeneration enormously.

You are not yet convinced about the benefits of all this? Top triathlete Laura Philipp calls SLOW CARB a “game changer” for her endurance training… 😉


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