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Taurine: Antioxidant energy booster for athletes


General information about taurine

Taurine belongs to the aminoethanesulfonic acids and is actually found in large quantities in the human body itself – namely in the heart muscle. But taurine is also found in bile acids, the brain, the retina, muscles and white blood cells.

However, we are more familiar with taurine as an essential ingredient in energy drinks. This is because taurine has been shown to enhance the effects of caffeine and is therefore popular as an energy booster.

The name Taurine was derived from the Latin word Taurus, bull. And that’s because taurine was first discovered in bull testicles.

What can taurine actually do?

Basically, it should first be mentioned that an additional intake of taurine is not fundamentally necessary. Because our body is able to produce this aminoethanesulfonic acid itself.

However, there is an exception for infants. In this case, taurine must be fed either through the mother’s milk or through milk substitutes, because the small body of an infant cannot yet produce taurine itself.

Positive effects of taurine worth mentioning are:

  • Taurine is an antioxidant and is capable of scavenging free radicals
  • Helps digest fat
  • Supports the liver during detoxification
  • Stimulates the work of the heart muscle
  • Boosts the immune defense
  • In infants, the early development of the brain and eyes are supported
  • Prevents anemia
  • May relieve depression

Although taurine is produced in the human body itself, this is only comparable in very small quantities. 

Due to the effects mentioned above, it is advisable to consume taurine in natural foods such as meat (in moderation), seafood or algae – or as a component of other food supplements. 

Positive effects of taurine for athletes

Especially for athletically active people, the additional intake of taurine via energy shakes or bars is suitable.

Taurine is particularly interesting for athletes, as it promotes performance and also e.g. the regeneration of the body. can support with muscle damages as well as prevent these. 

Studies have shown that taurine helps to remove waste products from the muscles more quickly during exercise, thus preventing premature fatigue.

Thus, it is possible that the muscles are fit faster again and can generate power, from which then the increase in performance results.

As an antioxidant, it also supports general health, which should be the focus for every athlete.

In addition, taurine provides the aforementioned energy boosts and can thus also be used in case of (some) fatigue in order to be able to go through the training or competition.

In addition an additional taurine supply is especially interesting for Vegans and vegetarians, since they do not consume taurine through meat.

Other interesting active ingredients

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