Meaningful recording of performance areas & consequences for training catering

Our product developer Robert Gorgos is not only an absolute expert when it comes to sports nutrition science, but also still very active as a competitive athlete. This has the advantage that he can extensively test each of his new formulations in performance himself. At the same time, as a nutrition expert, he looks after top athletes from a wide range of disciplines.

We are also especially looking forward to our second guest, top endurance coach & founder of KICKASS SPORTS, Philipp Seipp. In recent years, he has established an internationally successful training group. This includes athletes such as Laura Philipp, Sebastian Kienle and many other well-known faces from professional triathlon. Philipp stands for innovative training methodology and athletic training at the highest level. Philipp recently started sharing his extensive knowledge through his newly founded training platform KICKASS SPORTS.

In our free online training, it is about modern performance diagnostics and optimal training control (watt measurement). We also question how important it is to take optimal care of yourself during and after training. And we look into the question of what amateur athletes can easily adopt for themselves.

Date and time: Wednesday, December 30, 2020 from 6:30 p.m. (Duration: approx. 1 hour including Q&A session with participants).

Contents include:

  • Modern performance diagnostics and training control (watt measurement)
  • Why should you take optimal care of yourself during and after training at all?
  • How high does Philipp rate training and competition catering in the overall context of his work as a coach?
  • Why should different training loads also be supplied differently
  • This is how Philipp’s top athletes eat during and after training
  • Last, but not least: Valuable tips from Philipp for even better performance

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