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Why BORA – hansgrohe trusts in natural sports nutrition from MoN Sports

The internationally renowned racing bike team BORA – hansgrohe has a new sports nutrition partner at its side: MoN Sports. Dan Lorang, Head of Performance at BORA – hansgrohe, reveals why the WorldTeam will henceforth rely on natural products from MoN Sports and what role science plays in this.

Win in the overall standings at the Giro d’Italia, fifth place overall at the Tour de France, several other top results – and all this in 2022. BORA – hansgrohe undoubtedly belongs to the elite of cycling. And this year, too, the team around manager Ralph Denk wants to fully attack again. Nutrition plays a key factor in this.

“Science,” explains Dan Lorang, “has become more and more involved in cycling in recent years. And with that – fortunately – the topic of nutrition or food has also come into focus.”

Since cycling races usually last several hours and are particularly demanding on the body, “sufficient and, above all, proper energy intake is extremely important,” Lorang emphasizes. The main focus is on how a rider can supply as much energy as possible without getting stomach problems.

And this is where MoN Sports comes in. “What I like most about the philosophy is that MoN uses only natural and high-quality ingredients,” Lorang says. Artificial additives and flavor enhancers are not used. Instead, MoN relies on high levels of real fruit and only a few specially selected ingredients to ensure optimal tolerance.

“When athletes consume these products every day, it’s ultimately about health,” Lorang said. Chemistry has nothing to do with a healthy and efficient professional body.

Special products depending on the application – for more performance

The carbohydrate drink FAST CARB for example, contains different sources of carbohydrates, which energy goes into the blood extremely quickly and can be available to the organism after a short time. Therefore FAST CARB is excellent for intensive units or competitions.

Dan Lorang: “During an intense workout, I simply need enough carbohydrates to be able to reach certain training zones at all. For this, the body needs quickly available and well-tolerated energy” – what FAST CARB as well as the GEL 40 provide.

In general, all MoN Sport products are designed for different purposes and specific training goals. SLOW CARB (with isomaltulose, which goes slowly into the blood) or also the super tasty PORRDIGE and PROTEIN BARs was thereby developed specifically for rather loose (endurance) units. Lorang: “This is the only way training adjustments can take place. The training becomes more effective”.

Hardly any professional riders today ride with just a water bottle, Dan Lorang knows: “Because we now know how counterproductive that is. It’s important to combine training and nutrition.”

Team Manager Ralph Denk sums up why BORA – hansgrohe is backing MoN Sports in 2023: “The natural approach and innovative performance aspects of sports nutrition convinced us.”

Would you also like to eat like the BORA professionals? Then shave a look at the natural & top-compatible products of MoN Sports at.

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